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Notice to all users

Using this site assumes the agreement to abide by the conditions listed in your school’s Acceptable User Policy (please ask your school for a copy).  Any breaches of policy will be dealt with by the school.
It is recommended that children are not left to access the internet unsupervised, as internet content accessed through this site is not filtered for inappropriate images or content as it would be in school.

16/01/2013 16:22

Learning Platform Charter

• I will not share my username and password with anyone else.
• I will not write anything which hurts or causes distress.
• If I have access to email, I will only email people I know or my teacher has approved.
• I will tell a trusted adult if I read or view something which makes me feel uncomfortable.
• I will not share any personal details such as my home address, phone number or email address.
• I will not copy or reproduce any information held on the Learning Platform without permission from the school.
• I understand that the school may monitor my learning platform account.
• I understand that by logging on to the learning platform I am agreeing to this charter when online.
• I understand that if I break this agreement, my right to use the learning platform may be withdrawn.

16/01/2013 16:22


S – Secret – I will always keep my name, address, telephone number and password PRIVATE
M – Meeting someone you have contacted on the internet can be dangerous.
A - Accepting e-mails or opening files from people you don’t really know can be hurtful – they may contain viruses or nasty messages.
R – Remember someone online may be lying or not be who they say they are.
T – I’ll Tell a trusted adult if someone or something makes me uncomfortable or worried.

18/12/2012 10:55

Unable to upload multiple files in the navigation tree?

There are known compatibility issues with Internet Explorer and a certain version of the Java Applet.

Fortunately this can often be resolved by updating the version of Java currently installed on your PC.

For PC's - Please visit the following url, and choose 'Windows Offline (32bit)'.

22/10/2012 14:20

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